Nowadays, the uniform no longer just represents the clothing of the Corporation or society, having become the index of the every Trade image in fact, giving the confidence of shopper of assurance.

A set of clean and tidy uniform are not only professional and prepossessing, also will raise the image of the Corporation self. It helps the business evolution of the corporation.

In order to fit the necessity of every trade, we strive continually ground as each shopper to stitch uniform carefully. We are free to come individual orders to produce different type of uniform.

Our company chooses high quality cloth, fashion style, and provides various cloths and color selection. The tailors strive to make comfortable and fashion style clothing. The customer also can come to kind to order with supplied material or design for their own style. We also provide a broker to embroider the word and free of charge for local delivery.

Our aims are " profession, service, outstanding, quality". We are sincerely to stitch the comfortable, fit and fashion style uniform.

  • Profession

    we will specially assign professional to come to degree body, and provide the professional notion, having experienced tailor to cut carefully for you at the same time. We devotes to make each customer enjoy the high-quality service.

  • Service

    the service scope is extensive; it goes from individual to society: No matter anticipate adding or a individual orders to build, or how many will you order, we maintain service after sold. We produce Doctor's tunic, nurse's skirt, dentistry nurse's set trousers, beauty consultant's tunic, life insurance adviser suit, uniform for salesclerk...etc. We also produce cotton beauty salon bedspread, beauty bathrobe, towel rounds the tunic etc. Besides, we establish to embroider another word service.

  • Outstanding

    we gain information extensively. In order to guarantee that our fashionable dresses can catch up the trendy. we strive to make a gratifying and satisfactory match uniform for our customer.

  • Quality

    we provide various high-quality clothes and various color selection, to make you possess a clothing that is worth. Customer are welcome to process with supplied material, processing with supplied designs, order with supplied sample, individual requirements, will all be welcomed.

Choose high quality material is in order to make the customer feel happy and satisfied. In order to assure the highly respectable confidence of customer, we keep in to provide high quality service.